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Business Process Management (BPM) and Talent  Acquisition (TA) – these are two core functions that any  organisation big or small, needs to nail down if they  are to make a meaningful impact in a market. Having a customised, fully integrated process management system can accelerate the growth of  your company and handle the compliance aspects– while having a passionate, talented group of professionals can ensure your company goes where  it was meant to.


Let our industry experts handle your BPM aspects,  we excel in a wide range of services in this niche in  both breadth and depth. 

Talent Acquisition

We have you covered in every step of acquiring quality talent at industry accepted rates – our aim is to ensure you get the best.

Some Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand us better:

We are fully flexible and can work with both based on your preference. For project based undertakings, we can take them on from start to finish with an agreed timeline, talent allocations and cost-effective delivery as agreed. For contract based undertakings, we can sign on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual renewal models.

You can agree to disagree on anything we deliver, performance and/or the talents assigned. We will make good for you until we deliver to your utmost satisfaction. If it comes to that, there is also room to discontinue/unplug amicably – we say ‘if’ because we haven’t experienced this yet with any of our clients.

Of course you can – we are here to ensure that you get the results you need, when you need them. We are more than happy to adapt to ongoing needs to support your vision and goals as a corporate entity.

Yes Indeed, we do have referral programs and strategic alliance in specific countries. If you are one of our satisfied clients, please think about putting in a good word to your corporate friend, we will take care of you with a referral percentage as long as your recommended client is on board with us.

We drumbeat of our talent pool mainly due to the stringent process and cherry picking teams to deliver to match global standards. Don’t take our word for it – try our talents and experience for yourselves how your performance and the bottom lines improve.

If you have a specific need we can indeed look into the possibilities and arrange for the assignment to be taken up and delivered.

This is our highest priority as we work with data that is both confidential and sensitive. We have the generic measures like firewalls and control mechanisms in place to ensure no breaches happen and all of the talent that we source are also briefed on industry best practices where data protection is concerned.

Yes Indeed. That’s why we are open to the world, whilst ensuing global best practices and guidelines in all in our systems and processes.

You are most welcome to talk to one of our senior team members who can convince you why you should come along and benefit from our offerings. We are not sellng, we want to be an integral part of your team for growth and profitability.

That’s a great question to ask. Q is for Quality assured, that’s QUBE. And seeing as we are all about productivity, it’s like a mantra to us – productivity, productivity, productivity – hence productivity cubed with quality which is Qube.

What is Qube?

Qube is a ‘unique entrepreneurial support firm’ specializing in industry compliant Business Project Management/Business Process Outsourcing (BPM/BPO) and Talent Acquisition (TA) services utilizing a rich network of employers and top-level talent.

Our core values are integrity and confidentiality – we worry about the small details so you can focus on the bigger picture. You can capitalise on our expertise in both BPM and talent acquisition.
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We focus on the small details so you can work on the bigger picture.

Having a customised, fully integrated process management system can accelerate the growth of your company and handle the compliance aspects – while having a passionate, talented group of professionals can ensure your company goes where it was meant to.